What Can You Do With A Amazon Echo? | Find Out Everything Here

Amazon Echo is a speaker that connects you with Alexa who is a virtual assistant created by Amazon.

Alexa lets you play music, make and answer phone calls, ask random questions, set music alarms and timers, manage smart home devices, and many more. So you can see how handy the Amazon Echo can be around your home.

However, a lot of consumers purchase the Echo but don’t use it to it’s fullest potential. It is so much more useful than just some fancy alarm clock which is what people commonly use it for.

That is why I wrote this article on What Can You Do With A Amazon Echo to show you some cool tricks and tips that you can do with the device that you maybe didn’t know about.

If you don’t own an Amazon Echo but are thinking about getting one, you should read this article first and see how it can really make little things more easier and convenient in your everyday life.

Let’s get right into it.

8 Everyday Uses of Amazon Echo and Alexa

1.Set An Alarm Or A Timer

Well this one should be obvious that you can use Alexa to set an alarm to wake up early the next morning or set a timer for whatever task that you are doing at that moment.

All you have to simply do is say “Alexa, set an alarm everyday at 9 o’clock AM” and it’s done. Your wish is her command.

You can even be really specific with it and say “Alexa, set an alarm only on Mondays at 7 o’clock AM” and she will make it happen.

Timers function the same way. Just ask Alexa to set a timer for an task, she will do it, and then notify you once the time has expired.

2.Reminders and Mental Notes

We all can be so busy at times that we tend to forget the important tasks that still needs to be done. Alexa can provide assistance with that.

You can command Alexa to remind you about tasks or assignments that need to be done for that day.

Just say “Alexa, remind me to do my Homework at 5 o’clock” or you can tell Alexa to remind you that you are amazing (confidence booster) and she will do it.

You can also create shopping lists such as groceries, clothes, shoes, or whatever it may be. Then once you are at the store, you open up the Alexa app and it’s all right there for you.

You can see how this one feature can come in handy for the businessman that is always working or the super Mom that is always running errands.

3.Rock Out To Your Favorite Tunes

You can use the Amazon Echo has a Bluetooth speaker to jam all your favorite music on your phone or whatever device you keep all your music on.

For example, you would connect Alexa to your phone and she will let you know when the devices are paired. Then you would go to your music app and play whatever song you would like.

The Amazon Echo has very decent speaker. I wouldn’t say it gets as loud as a speaker who’s purpose is to play music loud and with bass, but it is definitely loud enough to fill a room.

This is great for people who like to listen to music while in the shower. And if you don’t like the song that is playing, all you have to do is say “Alexa change the song or play so and so” and she will do exactly that.

Also, If you don’t have any downloaded music on your phone, you can always subscribe to Amazon Music and Alexa will play whatever type of music you like from there.

4.Get The Latest Weather And News Updates

Plenty of times when you get out bed and wonder what the weather is going to be like for today so you can dress accordingly.

No more having to watch the news or check your phone the weather.

Just simply ask Alexa and she’ll tell you exactly what the weather would be like for that day. And you can even ask her for the seven day forecast just to have an heads up on the week ahead.

Another cool thing Alexa can do is that she can give you updates on traffic reports.

You would add an address within the Alexa app and then ask Alexa what your commute looks like and how long it would take to get to your desired destination. Cool right? I know.

5.Make/Receive Calls & Text Messages

Alexa has the ability to make and receive calls from people that are in your contacts.

Once Alexa is paired with your smartphone, you can tell her to call whoever you want in your contacts and she will dial them up. Then you would be able to talk to that person hands-free while your watching TV or making you something to eat.

You don’t know how useful this can be for the busy Mother that is cooking dinner but wants to have girl talk with her best friend at the same time or for the guy who loves to talk trash to his friends over the phone while watching the game.

Plus, if you don’t feel like talking on the phone, you can always tell Alexa to send a quick text

6.Manage Your Smart Home


Alexa is capable of controlling smart devices within your home including your home security system. Awesome right? I know.

You can ask Alexa to arm your home and she will give you a countdown of the time you have left till your home is officially armed. No more of going through the hassle of having to type the code into keypad and rush out the front door.

She is able to do this through her “skills” which is what the developers calls it. You can download all types of skills within the app and control your home lights, TV functions, adjust thermostat, and many more.

7.Order Items From Amazon

Buying from Amazon has never been easier.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can tell Alexa to order you things directly from Amazon without having to go to the website. You tell her what you want from Amazon, she gives you a description of the product and the price, you confirm it, and she places the order and gives you a delivery date.

Simple right? I know. So if you order from Amazon regularly, your absolutely going to love this feature.

8.Bored? Ask Alexa To Tell You A Joke

If you ever just bored or you feeling down and need something to put a smile on your face, ask Alexa to tell you a joke or ask her a silly queston. She is programmed with hundreds of punchlines, jokes, snazzy comebacks.

I was sitting on the couch bored one day, so I asked Alexa to rap to me and to my surprise she starts free-styling her own lyrics about herself and it was actually good. It instantly put a smile on my face.

So you can just ask Alexa silly questions like “What’s on your mind?” or “How is your day going” and she’ll always respond with a funny answer that you would never expect.

The Bottom Line

The Amazon Echo is a very useful device and can be used in a variety of ways. There are plenty of different models of the Amazon Echo with the latest models having more complex features than the older ones (check them all out in the link below).

The best thing about these devices is that they are very affordable especially with how convenient they are within your home. I have no doubt that you will see the return on your investment when you realize how many times you call on Alexa throughout the day.

I hope I answered your question on “What Can You Do With A Amazon Echo?” and encourage you to share this article with a friend. If you have any question or want to share your own personal experience, please leave a comment below. Love to hear.

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